Kids Products Reviews is an online platform that provides accurate, honest, and exceptional reviews of latest kids products and programs. What has been our main motive behind providing genuine reviews is to help parents in finding the best possible children, teens, and family products in one place instead of scrolling or visiting hundreds of sites. You know your child, and we know the media and technology, so, together we can train our modern generation very well starting at home. We find the best kids’ products worldwide, which apart from serving an entertainment purpose for your children also promote developmental and educational skills in a fun and playful way. We are passionate about covering those products which allow parents to be as hands on or off as preferred and aren’t heavy on the wallet. By providing genuine and heartfelt reviews, we aim to bring a positive change in parents’ lives and cut down their extensive research to only proven kids’ programs.

​Our Story

Kids Products Reviews was started by Nicole Ray, a working mother of 3 children. Being a mom of 3, she always looked for engaging kids’ products and programs to help them in developing social, developmental, and educational skills. After seeing that there was much hassle in market to find the best products, and some products which had the label of being the best were too expensive to buy, she decided to gather every great kids’ products of an accessible price range and create an online resource for all parents. She not only backboned it throughout the process but also provided content written by a mother for mothers. Having the knowledge of child development in hands, she created this online resource, which reviews latest toys and programs for children, teens, and families.

We try to review products that solve a problem many parents have and also promote your child’s developmental qualities.

​Our Vision

Our vision is to showcase kids’ products and programs that not only keep kids engaged but also foster independence. We believe originality in everything succeeds.

​Our mission

Doing a little can make a huge difference in someone’s life, which is the only mission for us. We are working on adding comfort in parents’ lives by providing authentic, original, and very honest reviews of kids’ products.

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